Рашид Голам/Rachid Gholam исламские нашиды

Рашид Голам красивые нашиды

Рашид Голам/Gholam Ali Rashid.Биография

Рашид Голам — талантливый исламский певец с великолепным и завораживающим голосом.

Родился в 1972 году в Марокко.Музыкальная карьера певца началась в середине 80-х.

Он известен своими прекрасными нашидами и многочисленными пророческими песнями, посвященными Пророку Мухаммаду.

Few years after this exit of album, Rachid Gholam joined Al ADL Wal Ihsan and left the song aside because of conspiracies and «Amdah». He asserted that he had changed after this restructuring by taking out of the life of the dissolutives and the easy pleasures to reach a safe and stable existence.

So, we perceive a new Rachid Gholam bringing out of the broadcast, safe screen in his talents, and especially, a religious singer who has the faith in his good God Allah.

Because of reports tightened between the Islamic authorities of the kingdom » ADL Wal Ihssane «, Rachid Gholam was prevented from realizing his public presentations in the kingdom.

However, He produced abroad, particularly in the east of the peninsula. Numerous Moroccan admirers followed him by an eye observer, and making of him the real alive legend.

Рашид Голам/Rachid Gholam красивые нашиды

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